We build 130cc Electric fule Injection (EFI) engine,Hybird system,Agriculture Sprayer drone,Commercial Industral drone.

About Us

ACRO Co.,Ltd was established in May 2018. It locates in Jianghai district, Jiangmen city. Our company focuses on the research and manufacturing and sale of the oil electric hybrid UAV and its power system. Our products are high power to weight ratio engines, aviation range extender, heavy duty,HALE and muti-rotor UAV, vertical fixed-wing UAV and etc. These are suitable for heavy duty plant protection and flight prevention,emergency rescue,forest fire fighting,island logistics and transportation, unloading transportation in high moutains and etc. We are a high-tech company who supplies the oil electric hybrid UAV. We have many experts in engine, alternator,UAV, machinery manufacturing, electronic software and etc. We own many patents for invention and utility model. ACRO Co.,Ltd
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